Dolphin Integration provides a complete Power Management IPs platform towards three objectives - To standardize and ease Power Regulation Network integration - To enable diverse optimizations - To reduce Time-to-Market

The eSR-Tugela, a component of the DELTA library, is an inductor-based buck switching regulator with high efficiency.

Key Benefits

  • Works with a smaller inductance size compared to previous product generation
  • High efficiency buck regulator (up to 95% peak), over wide load current range
  • Pulse With Modulation (PWM) mode enabling to master the frequency response
  • Automatic mode change of the Power Stage Unit, maintaining high-efficiency at low load current

Key Features

Minimum value
Typical value
Maximum value
Input Voltage
- 2.7 V 5.5 V
Output Voltage
- 0.55 V 3.3 V

Technical information

  • Technology: TSMC 40 uLP eFlash