mCODa-MT1-LR.01 is an audio CODEC which provides the insurance of the best sound quality after integration into a SoC for IP Camera or Car dash Camera applications. It benefits from unique features, such as the AGC to automaticaly adapt the voice level and a wind noise filter enabling the best recording quality. Moreover its ultra small area ensures a cost-effective SoC integration to Fabless companies.

Key Benefits

  • Wind Noise filter to reduce noise during recording in an vehicle
  • Pop-Up Noise Reduction System with predictable level and zero-crossing gain transition
  • Embedded regulator (nLR) which provide the best resilience to noise on power lines
  • Self adaptive recording of sound level with Automatic Gain Control (AGC)
  • Automatic Fs synchronization system
  • PLL-less solution for eliminating jittered PLL which decreases audio performances
  • Jerk-less solution ensures the best resilience to period deviation on data path

Key Performances

  • Dynamic Range over gain range for the ADC path: 100 dB
  • SNR: Up to 105 dB on DAC path depending on the application schematic
  • Low power consumption: 6.1 mW on the ADC path