SNR performance and integration issues make System designers reluctant to consider integrating audio Codec IP in applications like PC sound card and DVD player where high definition audio is at stake. sCOD103-R.01-Xenon is the only audio Codec IP enabling integration into mixed-signal SoCs for such kind of applications by coupling robustness and awesome high definition sound. Its minimal silicon area and power consumption enable home theater features and performances on a pocket device!

Key Benefits

  • Pop-Up Noise Reduction System
  • Digital to Analog conversion enabling 5.1 routing of the signal
  • Jack plugs detection systems (HD Audio)
  • PLL-less solution to avoid jitter due to audio PLL on SoC
  • Simplest Bill of Material with a capacitor-less HP output application
  • The Line output enables filter-less connection to an external power stage
  • Enable connection to digital microphones with the sampling frequency of 32 kHz and 48 kHz

Key Performances

  • DAC 103dB SNR, 100dB for the whole ADC path
  • THD: -85 dB on line and headphone outputs
  • Power consumption: 30 mW on record path and 54 mW on playback path