Dolphin Design high-fidelity audio CODEC, sCODa95-H1-LR-D.04 combines a complete set of audio features and a small silicon footprint with the best resilience to noise, for the new generation of Audio BT SoC at 55 nm.

Key Benefits

  • PLL-less & Jerkless features on ADC and DAC, supports both MASTER and asynchronous SLAVE interface for an easy connection to a Bluetooth emitter / receiver
  • Embedded low noise Linear Regulator for best resilience to power supply noise
  • Cap-less differential headphone driver
  • Digital Mixer function with programmable gain
  • Automatic Gain Control

Key Performances

  • Low power consumption: 7.64 mW for DAC to headphone output path
  • 95 dB SNR on the DAC to headphone output path
  • -85 dB THD on DAC to headphone output path
  • 100 dB Dynamic Range over gain range on the ADC path