The sCODa95-H1-LR_08 is a feature-rich audio CODEC which provides the insurance of the best sound quality after integration into Smart Speaker including Voice Activity Detection. It benefits from unique features, such as the ultra-low power of the voice triggering feature for always-on voice detection with mobile devices! Its small area ensures a cost-effective SoC integration in advanced processes and its BassPower(TM) feature contributes to the reduction of the BoM cost and of the PCB size. Furthermore, fabless makers have the insurance to benefit from the best audio quality at system-level thanks to the unique features embedded with the CODEC for its best resilience to the various noise sources.

Key Benefits

Key Performances

  • Low power consumption
  • 8,3 mW for the whole DAC to headphone path
  • 4,2 mW in low-power mono microphone record mode
  • 1,12 mW in mono digital microphone record mode
  • 96 uW in WhisperTriggertTM only mode
  • Microhpone / Line input to ADC path
  • SNR : 90 dB A-Weighted
  • THD : -80 dB @ FS-1 dB to be changed with DRgr