sCODp-MT1-VD.02, is a new generation of audio converter ensuring optimal sound detection and recording with the most types of analog microphones for smart home appliance application. Its high dynamic range ADC combined with a voice detection feature make such an IP very appreciated for its voice recognition capabilities. It combines small area with low EMI emission. This feature-rich converter has been designed to handle white electronic device issues. Its motor noise filters and Automatic Gain Control (AGC) offer the best insurance to get a clear sound recognition. Furthermore, the small area and the low EMI emission of sCODp-MT1-VD.02 contribute to make it a leading cost-effective converter for fabless companies active in this huge growing market.

Key Benefits

  • Efficient support of voice recognition with independent PGA and AGC preventing audio signal against saturation
  • Anti pop-up noise signal to drive sound amplifier
  • Voice detection feature to wake-up the recognition system by voice
  • Reduce environment disturbance and enhance the voice recognition thanks to Motor noise filter
  • PLL-less solution for eliminating jittered PLL which decreases audio performances

Key Performances

  • High dynamic range over gain range on ADC: 105 dB
  • High SNR: Up to 105 dB on the DAC (depending on the sound amplifier)
  • High SNR: 90 dB on ADC
  • THD: -85 dB on DAC