The sDAC-uLP-SW3-LR.01 is a mixed (analog and digital) Virtual Component containing a stereo DAC, and additional functions offering an ideal digital to analog converter for low dynamic power, low Bill-of-Material and high quality audio applications. It can also combine ultra low latency capability for ANC applications to demonstrate the best sound quality, while starring the longest playback capability.

Key Benefits

  • I2C and APB control interface
  • Low BoM and capacitor-less headphone driver
  • Pop-Up Noise Reduction system
  • High SNR for high quality playback
  • Programmable ultra low latency capability
  • Ultra low power mode, ideal for battery powered voice first devices


  • Bluetooth
  • Hearing aids
  • Smart Headset
  • TWS Earpods
  • Voice-controlled devices

Key Performances

  • 115 dB SNR DAC
  • Down to 3.5us latency
  • Low power consumption thanks to dedicated features