The sDAC-uLP-SW3-LR.01 is a mixed (analog and digital) Virtual Component containing a stereo DAC, and additional functions offering an ideal digital to analog converter for low dynamic power, low Bill-of-Material and high quality audio applications. It can also combine ultra-low latency capability for ANC applications to demonstrate the best sound quality, while starring the longest playback capability.

Key Benefits

  • I2C and APB control interface
  • Low BoM and capacitor-less headphone driver
  • Pop-Up Noise Reduction system
  • High SNR for high quality playback
  • Programmable ultra low latency capability
  • Ultra-low power mode, ideal for battery powered voice first devices


  • Hearing aids
  • Smart Headset
  • TWS Earpods

Key Performances

  • 120 dB SNR DAC
  • Down to 3.5us latency
  • Low power consumption thanks to dedicated features