SoC integrators targeting portable audio applications such as Smart Phones, PMP, PDA should demonstrate optimal recording performances as well as the best sound quality, while starring the longest playback capability. shCOD95.BT01-Helium, the ultra low power audio CODEC, is thus the best ally of SoC integrators targeting such high volume markets. Its small area ensures a cost-effective SoC integration both in mature and very advanced pure logic processes. This complete configuration of audio converter proves it feasible to combine Class-AB amplifiers, known for offering the lowest Bill-of-Material, with ultra-low dynamic power.

Key Benefits

  • Robust architecture enabling to maintain the audio performance after integration thanks to the patented PLL-less solution
  • Pop-Up Noise Reduction system
  • High audio performances measurable with test equipment not specific to audio measurement
  • Optimal sound recording performances thanks to the Automatic Gain Control

Key Performances

  • Low power consumption: 6.9 mW for the DAC to headphone path, in playback mode
  • SNR: 95 dB on the DAC path
  • THD: -80 dB at 3.3 V on 10 kOhm load