WhisperTrigger allows your system to detect voice activity and increase its battery life. Our robust and silicon-proven, Voice Activity Detection solution, provides ultra-low-power Always-On Voice listening IP for a fast time to market. The WT-d.03 is a pure logic Virtual Component (ViC) containing a Voice Activity Detection (VAD) engine for ultra-low power applications. The WT-d detects the presence of a voice at the output of a DMIC or at the output of a voice ADC embedded on SoC to switch on the system to perform Keyword Spotting.

Key Benefits

  • Voice activity detector enables drastic reduction in power consumption
  • Self-adjustment to background noise
  • Ambient Noise sensing

Key Performances

  • WhisperTrigger ensures 100% detection of vowels in less than 30% of the first phoneme
  • 98.5% of Voice detected as a Voice (VDV) within the first phoneme
  • 7% of Noise detected as Voice (NDV)
  • Power consumption down to 28 uW