The YANZI-D-sDSA-MT1.01 is a pure logic Virtual Component (ViC) containing a stereo digital microphone interface with decimation filters, an ultra dense stereo PWM DAC and additional functions offering an ideal digital front-end for low power and high quality audio applications.

Key Benefits

  • PDM to PCM converter with 2 input channels
  • Direct connection to digital microphones
  • Ultra dense PWM DAC
  • WhisperTrigger-d - Ultra-low power always-on voice detection
  • Automatic Gain Control (AGC)
  • AIAS feature allows an easy and fast integration to the Bluetooth front-end

Key Performances

  • ADC: 100 dB SNR
  • ADC: -90 dB THD+N @ FS-1dB
  • DAC: up to 110 dB SNR
  • DAC: up to -110 dB THD