TSMC 40 LPeF, SESAME BiV, a new thick oxyde based standard cell library for ultra low leakage logic design and/or direct battery connection through the use of a patented flip flop.

Key Benefits

  • No need for a voltage regulator as it is directly connected to the battery
  • Cells designed with 3.3 V thick-oxyde transistors to support a wide operating voltage range from 3.3 V +/-10% to 1.1 V +/-10%
  • Custom characterization corners down to 1.1 V +/-10% can be provided
  • Ideal for always on clock islets (RTC) and always on functional islets (voice recognition)
  • Higher density compared to HVT library combined with voltage regulator
  • 12-track cells
  • SoC Integration secured and simplified from 3.3 V to 1.1 V
  • Full set of high-low and low-high level shifters isolated or not


Operating Voltage
40 LP eFlash
2.5 V od 3.3 V Nominal voltage: 3.3V +/-10%
Low voltage: 1.1V +/-10% ; 1.8V +/- 10%