CLICK is a power gating solution which create a ring of switches in order to ease the integration of hard macro and provide automatic control of in-rush current during wake-up.​

Key Benefits

  • - Fully automated island kit generator
  • - Automatic digital power switch controller (APC), single or distributed
  • - Scripts for easier and faster implementation
  • - Closed or open ring implementation
  • - Ultra wide voltage range [0.9V
  • 1.35V]
  • - Programable in-rush current and wake-up time
  • - Abacus with Inrush, IRdrop, wake-up time & leakage to size number of PSW quickly and with the best efficiency
  • - Single pass implementation based in rush & IR Drop constraints
  • - Standard cells such as isolation, retention, LS, AO buffer, PSW, ring filler, filcap to support various low power techniques implementation
  • - Header based power switch
  • - Fully compatible with Dolphin Design SPEED Power Management platform for safe and secure PMU design and optimization


Operating Voltage
65 LP eFlash
eHVT Nominal voltage: 1.2V +/-10%
Low voltage: 0.9V +/-10%