TSMC 40 uLP, CLICK, power gating cells to create a ring of switches in order to ease the integration of hard macro and provide automatic control of in-rush current during wake-up.

Key Benefits

  • Make the integration easier thanks to ringstyle
  • Optimization of switch placement or modification is made easier
  • Simplified power grid creation
  • Script for an optimized ring generation with automated insertion of the ring
  • Script for automatic computation of the optimal number and size of switches required for islet construction
  • Make your implementation safe
  • Transition Ramp Cell (TRC) enabling automated limitation of inrush current at wake up
  • TRC controls the in-rush current by design whereas traditional daisy chain method can only be verified with voltage drop analysis after SoC implementation
  • Minimize your wake up time
  • TRC provides both control and acknowledge signals to the power management controller for an easy programmable optimization of wake up time.


Operating Voltage
40 uLP
- Nominal voltage: 1.1V +/-10%
Low voltage: 0.9V +/-10%