LS-CDM are Level Shifter with CDM protection are Domain Interfacing Cells. Provided as High-Low and Low-High level shifters including isolation and CDM protection features they are designed to be uses between power domains having separated ground (o rin specific case such as 22nm GF).

Key Benefits

  • Easy Integration
  • Level shifters are add-ons to Dolphin Integration?s standard cell library solutions and DELTA regulators solutions
  • Level shifters are used to interface logic blocks working at different voltage levels
  • Reduce the risk of IP deterioration
  • ESD - CDM protection for safe interfaces between two power domains
  • resilience of ESD CDM up to 500 V
  • Support of large voltage range: from core libraries to I/O transistors voltage supplies
  • Support of full logic design flow
  • Compatible with UPF flow
  • Isolation cells to ensure proper operations over the various modes


Operating Voltage
40 uLP
2.5 V od 3.3 V Nominal voltage: 3.3 V +/-10%
Low voltage: 0.9V +/-10%