Level Shifter with CDM protection are Domain Interfacing Cells. Provided as High-Low and Low-High level shifters including isolation and CDM protection features they are designed to be uses between power domains having separated ground

Key Benefits

  • Easy Integration
  • Level shifters are add-ons to Dolphin Integration?s standard cell library solutions and DELTA regulators solutions
  • Level shifters can easily be placed along logic blocks
  • Reduce the risk of IP deterioration
  • ESD - CDM protection for safe interfaces between two power domains
  • resilience of ESD CDM up to 500 V
  • Support of large voltage range: from core libraries to I/O transistors voltage supplies
  • Support of full logic design flow
  • Compatible with UPF flow
  • Isolation cells to ensure proper operations over the various modes


Operating Voltage
40 uLP eFlash
2.5 V od 3.3 V Nominal voltage: 3.3 V +/-10%
Low voltage: 0V9 +/-10%