TSMC 180 G, SESAME uHD for ultra high-density logic design thanks to 6-track cells combined with pulsed latch cells acting as spinner cells (densest alternative to flip-flops).

Key Benefits

  • Ultra High-Density
  • Up to 19% denser after P&R compared to existing 7-Track library
  • 6-Tracks logic library for optimal area reduction
  • Pulsed latches as Spinner Cells instead of flip-flops: for up to 30% gain in density at cell level
  • Up to 63% less power consuming than competition
  • Only Metal 1 used in layout
  • Ideal for slow to medium speed logic blocks
  • With smooth implementation
  • Pulse generator insertion automated by a script
  • Spinner cell design minimizing hold time violations
  • Low dynamic power
  • Dual voltage characterization to support a wide operating voltage range from 1.8 V +/-10% to 1.1 V +/-10%
  • Reduction of dynamic power consumption by 2.5x when operating at low voltage
  • Leakage divided by 2 compared to sponsored offering


Operating Voltage
180 G
- Nominal voltage: 1.8V
Low voltage: 1.1V