Foundry sponsored - Two Port Register File compiler - TSMC 55 nm HV - Memory optimized fore high density and high speed - compiler range up to 320 k

Key Benefits

  • Reduced the die cost
  • Unique architecture optimizing the periphery area for outstanding area gain
  • Routing allowed upwards from Metal 4, Support Metal 5 top Metal option
  • Extend the battery life
  • Leakage reduction thanks to careful design structures, optional retention mode and choice of Svt periphery
  • Dynamic power reduction thanks to segment partitioning
  • Flexible variable-write-mask feature for single-bit, byte or variable-word-size write-masking
  • Make the integration easier
  • Wide flexibility for words and bits per word
  • Two Read/Write Ports which implements full Two-Port
  • (1R/1W) functionality
  • Flexible segment partitioning (Selectable 1-8 segments) allow the user to choose the best optimization between area, speed & power for his application
  • Enable right on 1st pass design, the Dolphin integration quality
  • Complete mismatch validation of the memory architecture taking in account local and global dispersion
  • Extended validation for high coverage rate of the compiler
  • Silicon proven per TSMC 9000 quality standard
  • Decrease of Time-To-Market
  • Multi foundries support using the same architecture


VT Bit cell
VT Periphery
Operating Voltage
Option mode
55 HV
HD SVT LVT Nominal voltage:
1.2 V +/-10%

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