Metal programmable ROM compiler - TSMC 180 nm eLL - Non volatile memory optimized for low power and high density - Dual Voltage - compiler range up to 1024 k

Key Benefits

  • Ultra low dynamic power
  • Decrease of packaging cost
  • Smaller SoC area
  • 45% less consuming than conventional metal or via ROM at nominal voltage
  • Functionality down to 1.2 V: 2 times less consuming compared to standard operation at 1.8 V
  • Decrease of fabrication costs
  • Metal 1 and Via metal 1-2 programmable ROM
  • Compatible with 1P4M SoC
  • 20% denser than conventional metal or via ROM
  • Low leakage
  • No leakage in memory plane
  • Minimal leakage in memory periphery
  • 60% less leaky than conventional metal or via ROM
  • The Dolphin quality
  • Silicon Proven architecture
  • Vias half as numerous in comparison with a traditional metal or via ROM
  • CASSIOPEIA Architecture using bigger transistors for optimized read margin and low sensitivity to mismatch


VT Bit cell
VT Periphery
Operating Voltage
Option mode
180 eLL
Dolphin bit cell eLL Nominal voltage:
1.8 V +/-10%

Low voltage:
1.2 V min

1 kbit to 1 Mbit -