Foundry sponsored - Single Port SRAM compiler - TSMC 55 nm HV - Memory optimized for ultra high density and low power - 3ML- compiler range up to 320 k

Key Benefits

  • Reach the highest density
  • Thanks to smart periphery design
  • using High density Pushed Rules Foundry bitcell
  • use only 3 metal levels inside the memory
  • Extend the battery life
  • Designed with partitioned array to reach ultra low power consumption at 1.2 V
  • Support stand by mode
  • Make the integration easier
  • MUX option enabling several performance tradeoffs and form factor
  • Data range flexibility allows easy addition of bits for
  • ECC purposes
  • Address range flexibility allows easy addition of single rows for redundancy purposes
  • Enable right on 1st pass design, the Dolphin integration quality
  • Complete mismatch validation of the memory architecture taking in account local and global dispersion
  • Extended validation for high coverage rate of the compiler
  • Silicon proven per TSMC 9000 quality standard
  • Decrease of Time-To-Market
  • Multi foundries support using the same architecture


VT Bit cell
VT Periphery
Operating Voltage
Option mode
55 HV
Nominal voltage:
1.2 V +/-10%

Low voltage:

512 bits - 320 Kbits -