Foundry sponsored - Single Port SRAM compiler - TSMC 90 nm LPeF - Memory optimized for high density and Low power - compiler range up to 640 k

Key Benefits

  • Foundry Sponsored memory generator
  • Migration on an existing architecture already available for other processes (90, 85, 55 nm)
  • Configuration
  • SVT transistors for memory periphery
  • uHD HVT Pushed rule bit cell from foundry
  • Designed with 4 metal layers, routing enabled over the memory in metal 5
  • Smart periphery design to reach the highest density
  • Up to 10% denser than standard memory generators at 90 nm
  • Low leakage design
  • Data retention mode at nominal voltage (1.2 V) and low voltage (0.77 V) for 4x leakage reduction compared to standard stand by mode
  • Low dynamic power
  • Partitioned array to reach ultra low power consumption
  • Variable write-mask capability
  • Easy integration
  • MUX options
  • Data range flexibility allows easy addition of bits for redundancy or ECC purposes
  • Address range flexibility allows easy addition of single rows for redundancy purposes
  • The Dolphin quality
  • Complete mismatch validation of the memory architecture taking in account local and global dispersion
  • High robustness thanks to self-timing access scheme
  • Compliance with TSMC IP9000 qualification process


VT Bit cell
VT Periphery
Operating Voltage
Option mode
90 LP eFlash
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