Metal programmable ROM compiler - TSMC 130 nm BCD Plus - Non volatile memory optimized for low power - compiler range up to 256 k

Key Benefits

  • For nominal voltage characterization corner
  • Power reduction features
  • Up to 50% gain in dynamic power consumption compared to standard ROM
  • Decrease of fabrication costs
  • Via 1 programmable ROM
  • 20% gain in density compared to standard ROM
  • Ultra low leakage
  • No leakage in memory plane
  • Minimal leakage in memory periphery
  • Easy Integration
  • Depending on memory capacity up to 5 different MUX options can be selected
  • High flexibility for address range and data range
  • Compliance with TSMC IP 9000 qualification process


VT Bit cell
VT Periphery
Operating Voltage
Option mode
130 BCD Plus
Dolphin SVT Nominal voltage:
1.5V +/-10%

Low voltage:

1kbits - 1Mbits -