Metal programmable ROM compiler - TSMC 65 nm LP - Non volatile memory optimized for low power - compiler range up to 256 k

Key Benefits

  • Power reduction features
  • Decrease of packaging cost
  • Smaller SoC area
  • Decrease of fabrication costs
  • Programmable through via layer between metal layers 1 and 2
  • SoC routing allowed upwards from Metal 3
  • Patented High Density bit cell
  • 5% to 10% denser than contenders
  • Part of the High Density - Low Power Panoply
  • Dual port memory array and memory register Eris
  • Single port memory register Aura
  • Single Port memory array Haumea
  • Density and Speed optimized standard cell libraries
  • Optimal Design for Yield
  • Read margin optimized instance by instance
  • Design methodology ensuring High-Yield circuits despite Mismatch
  • Association with LDO for regulated power supply voltages
  • Optional BIST for industrial fabrication test of instances


VT Bit cell
VT Periphery
Operating Voltage
Option mode
65 LP
- SVT Nominal voltage:
1.2 V +/-10%

16 kbits to 256 kbits -