The Always-On domain, over which the power islets emerge, requires a specific panoply of voltage regulators and clocks. The availability of extremely low power oscillators is therefore a must. In low power modes, low speed clocks are generally used. The qOSC-RC-LP-32k-co.01 - low frequency RC oscillator - is an excellent choice for application combining the needs of ultra-low power consumption and reduced BoM cost. It can also be suitably combined with a crystal oscillator in order to benefit at once from fast wake-up time of the RC oscillator and from accuracy of the crystal.

Key Benefits

  • Low power consumption: support of low power and backup modes thanks to its 70 nA typical power consumption
  • A cost-efficient solution: no external component is needed thanks to on-chip integrated capacitors, thus enabling to offer a low BoM solution for end-users and to minimize the PCB area
  • Suitable for fast wake-up thanks to a startup time of 200 us, the RC oscillator allows SoCs reaching high performances of wake-up time
  • Digital trimming: allows to compensate process errors in order to obtain the nominal frequency

Key Features

Minimum value
Typical value
Maximum value
Input Voltage
- 0.495 V 1.21 V


  • Smart Headset
  • TWS Earpods
  • Smart Speaker
  • Voice Assistant
  • Hearing aids
  • Voice-controlled devices
  • Bluetooth
  • NB-IoT
  • WiFi
  • GNSS
  • Cellular IoT

Key Performances

  • Frequency accuracy: ±1.5%
  • Frequency drift with temperature: ±12%
  • Duty cycle: 50% ±10

Technical information

  • Technology: TSMC 55 uLP eFlash