The RTC-32k-CAL.01 is a low power RTC relying on a crystal oscillator and designed to achieve the requirements of low power modes and deep sleep modes of IoT devices. Together with the qOSC-XTAL-LP- 32k-co.01 it will allow you to achieve the lowest power consumption for your Always-On domain.

Key Benefits

  • Low power consumption: Designed to be used together with the qOSC-XTALLP-32k-co.01 crystal oscillator, a 60 nA oscillator, contributing to reach the lowest power consumption for the whole Always-On domain.
  • High accuracy: A digital trimming logic enables to correct the inaccurate clock sources
  • Available programmable functions : calendar, alam, timer

Key Performances

  • 27.5 nA typ at 0.9 V, TSMC 55 nm uLP eFlash with SESAME HD HVT standard cell library
  • Accuracy after calibration with qOSC-XTAL-LP-32k-co: -2.1 to 1.6 ppm.

Technical information

  • Technology: Digital IP