MAESTRO is a unique Power Controller RTL IP that features breakthrough capabilities compared to traditional HW or SW PMU design methodologies. It combines the configurability of a software PMU together with the lowest power consumption of a hardware PMU. MAESTRO is now accompanied by PowerStudio compiler to speed-up the design of a highly scalable power controller that will power the next generation of energy-efficient SoC.

Key Benefits

  • Dual operation mode: CPU-less HW mode & SW mode
  • Low latency control of power devices involved in managing power
  • Fast & autonomous wake-up with no need for external clock source
  • Near-zero design iteration cost: reduced cycle time compared to conventional PMU design flow
  • PowerStudio GUI Compiler: fast path from architecture to integration & quick iterations
  • Fully autonomous boot-up sequence
  • Automated generation of UPF test-bench for faster validation
  • Open to 3rd party IP integration
  • Support of advanced low-power design techniques (DVFS, body-biasing,...)
  • Sustainable : same solution for heterogenous IC, scalable to any SoC complexity
  • Process-node agnostic

Key Performances

  • CPU-less HW operation mode for low-power and low latency control of power devices
  • Flexible SW operation mode with a standard 32-bit APB interface that enables on-the-fly execution of SW-based power sequences
  • Embedded sequencer for autonomous control of power mode transitions, including boot-up and wake-up sequences where CPU is off
  • Event-based architecture to trigger any power sequence (up to 16 pre-programmed HW events)
  • Built-in always-ready 10 MHz oscillator to enable fast wake-up when RTC clocks are shutdown
  • Fine-grain control of power devices (regulators, clock generators) with standard p-channel interface, enabling smooth support of both IP from Dolphin Design or 3rd party provider
  • Fast power modes transition times to cope with most demanding applications