CHAMELEON is a highly configurable platform designed to address the need of a versatile system capable of matching modern low-power requirements. Its high configurability allows to efficiently design a complete MCU platform tailored to the user needs in a reduced time.

Key Benefits

  • Highly configurable platform
  • Flexible choice of CPU core
  • Smart autonomous DMA
  • Context restorer/switcher
  • Events & IRQ management
  • 2x 32-bit / 1x 64-bit general purpose timers
  • 4x Advanced Timers: 4 compare channels with PWM/pulse/level out-put per timer
  • 16-bit Watchdog Timer with optional IRQ
  • 32-bit GPIO
  • Communication interfaces & Flexible debug architecture

Key Performances

  • CPU-less operations for data collection and filtering
  • Ultra-low power consumption with autonomous features
  • High bandwidth and low latency interconnect