CHAMELEON is the ultimate platform to accelerate SoC design. It suitable for ultra-low power and single/dual core platform. Whatever the need CHAMELEON can handle it!

Key Benefits

  • Single/Dual core ready supporting arm Cortex-M4F and/or Risc-V CV32E40P 32-bit cores
  • Highly configurable SoC platform with
  • - Autonomous peripherals operation thanks to Smart-DMA
  • - Low-power mode with fast wake-up thanks to Context restorer/switcher
  • - Multi Communication interfaces such as SPI, UART and I2C
  • - Wide memory range with built-in Q-SPI
  • - Events & IRQ management
  • - Up to 7 Timers: 2x 32-bit
  • 1x 64-bit GP
  • 4x Adv Timers (4 compare channels with PWM/pulse/level out-put per timer)
  • - 16-bit Watchdog Timer with optional IRQ
  • - Up to 32-bit GPIO (more GPIO through APB bus)
  • - Flexible Debug architecture

Key Performances

  • CPU-less operations for data collection and filtering thank to Embedded Smart-DMA
  • Ultra-low power consumption thanks to Autonomous Mode and Peripherals
  • High bandwidth, computing and low latency interconnect