PANTHER is a highly configurable multicore platform designed to address middle to high level compu-ting applications, i.e. from simple signal processing ones to AI/ML ones. It has been designed to achieve the lowest power consumption, either with Cores only having 4 pipeline stages and which can be individually clock gated when unused or using Shared Data Memory accessed through a low latency interconnect rather than Data Caches. Thanks to its different configurability parameters, it can be tailored to exactly match final application use case.

Key Benefits

  • Highly configurable platform
  • Either 4, 8 or 16 RISC-V 32-bit cores
  • Shared Data Memory
  • 2-Level Shared Instruction Cache
  • DMA
  • Events & Interrupts for External world/Cores/DMA synchronization
  • 2x 32-bit or 1x 64-bit general purpose timer
  • External Interfaces
  • Debug architecture
  • Power management through clock gating cells
  • SDK with a set of Software tools and a programming framework

Key Performances

  • Up to 64MAC/Cycle (Configuration 16c - 8b Integer)